CSP & Covid 19 Resources:

Where can I find tips for healthy & safe travel in New Mexico?

New Mexico Travel Information

Where can I find the current New Mexico Covid Safe Practices (CSPs)?

Covid New Mexico Health

Where can I find the latest Department of Health updates related to Covid 19?

Covid New Mexico Health

John Hopkins Resource Center

Where can I access the latest Center for Disease Control Covid19 updates?

CDC – Coronavirus

As a hotel owner, are there additional best practice resources for the industry ? 

American Hotel and Lodging Association – Stay Safe

NM Safe Certified

“NM Safe Certified provides businesses free on-demand virtual COVID-Safe Practice training to help ensure all New Mexicans remain safe as the state reopens for business and recreation. NM Safe Certified also provides a recognizable brand across all industries to assist in building consumer confidence.”

Where can I find reliable information on the impact of Covid on the travel industry?

The New Mexico Tourism Department is working to capture the economic impact from COVID-19 by surveying the industry.

NM Tourism Department – Tourism Task Forces

The American Hotel & Lodging Association is actively tracking estimated job losses in the hotel industry from COVID-19. AHLA has employment, revenue and demand decrease estimates at the national level, and employment decrease estimates for each state.

American Hotel and Lodging Association – Covid’s Impact of Hotel Industry

The Traveler Trends Tracker taps into real-time travel data to track travel-related consumer behavior and identify key trends.


STR provides insight into the impact COVID-19 has on the hotel industry. 

STR Covid-19 Data Insights